Our mission is to pave a continuous sales path for our customers with the right products and partners. We recognize the “Guanxi” (business networks) in markets such as Pakistan, where contacts are paramount and provide an inlet for Singaporean investors to virtually explore a variety of business potential. Likewise, we approach our Singapore market with the same tenacity and link our export sources to the right procurement vehicles.

Mangoes (Pakistan/Singapore)

In Summer 2015, Hirsk facilitated an influx of mangoes into Singapore. The Pakistani mango is world renowned for its unique taste and texture, therefore Hirsk wanted to bring this unique treat to the Singaporean culture. The consignments were made available to a large local supermarket chain.


Kinnow Mandarins (Pakistan/Singapore)

Kinnow is the Pakistani equivalent to mandarins and is a strain contrived to be unique to the country. In Winter 2014, Hirsk group started shipments of Kinnows into Singapore. This was well received for Chinese New Year and will continue in steady supply.


Pharmaceuticals (Myanmar/Singapore)

Organized by Mr. Kamran Ibrahim in 2014, which involved several market visits to Myanmar in establishing a pharmaceutical business for a Singaporean company. This exercise involved a complete market survey, price comparisons of local products, finding drug manufacturers to supply, assistance in recruitment and collaboration with local MNCs to obtain possible representation for Myanmar.


Nutritional Supplements (Pakistan/Singapore)

A renowned Irish Nutritional company in Singapore evaluated the Pakistan market through Hirsk to establish the market for edible oils for their ingredients. A thorough market study was conducted, and significant players were approached for their knowledge and procurement possibilities. This involved evaluation of the competitors, direct meetings with possible customers, strategy suggestions.


Islamic Art

In Winter of 2017, Hirsk brought in specialized pottery from Turkey as a promotion of Iznik style art, which was appreciated and welcomed by many art enthusiasts and collectors in Karachi, Pakistan. Iznik as an Islamic artform has recently been revived and is on display in many museums across the globe. The artist represented is making it in the traditional Iznik and affluent enthusiasts who understand the medium and the significance were thrilled at having the items available in Pakistan.