Hirsk Group Pte Ltd. (ACRA # 201021136N) was conceived in 2010, as a family owned consultancy, in an effort to support and promote business opportunities from Pakistan towards Singapore. We specialize in advisory and strategic roles for companies in (but not limited to) Singapore and Pakistan unmasking potential business opportunities on both ends of the chain.


Kamran Ibrahim

Mr. Kamran Ibrahim (Chairman and CEO) has spearheaded one of the largest multinational Pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan for 30 years. His knowledge and experience in both markets enable him to advise clients on a realistic, unbiased and professional level. Hirsk has been responsible for arranging some of Pakistan’s previously unobtainable exports to Singaporean buyers.

Rashid Ibrahim

Mr. Rashid Ibrahim (Director) has been a career professional for the past 18 years working in several different countries and industries. He has spent the last 8 years as Country Manager in Pakistan for an American health and nutrition MNC. During that time, he has built their market up from ground up and established a stable structure for the company to turnover more than 1 million USD of gross sales annually in a short span of time.

Hameed Ibrahim

Mr. Hameed Ibrahim (Business Development Manager) has been working for a decade in various MNC efforts, primarily in Supply Chain. He handles the Business Development and Project Management side of HIRSK Group. He has held various Supply chain roles concerning purchasing and manufacturing, including heading a Major Aerospace's Logistics Operation in region. He has worked in 7 countries, has experience in banking (Investment banking and SME financing) and manufacturing entities ranging from commoditized to differentiated sectors in Power systems, and is Lean six sigma and Project Management accredited.